Dynasty Orient Arts has been a serious collector of Oriental decorative arts and furniture and our collection continues to feature top quality vases, fine china, paintings, wood and stone carvings, sculptures, furniture and many other complementary decorative arts. Every piece of stock is always a wonderful example of Asian art at its finest.

With over 20 years experience, which includes commissions for many of the most respected miniature manufacturers as well as private collectors, Dynasty Orient Arts is now widely recognized as one of the world’s leading professional miniature painters. We have participated in a great number of international competitions and has won many awards, including 46 gold medals and various Best of Show awards. We were made a ‘Grand Master’ by the MFCA (Miniature Figure Collectors of America) in Philadelphia and was proclaimed ‘World Master’ during the World Expo in Toronto. Please visit our gallery for examples of our previous work.

Custom figurine painting is billed by the hour and is frequently executed in Toronto and Macau.

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