Famille Rose Vase

Famille Rose Porcelain Vase
Dimensions: 13 inches tall by 9 inches at its widest point
Handpainted around 1980
Antique reproduction

Fine heavily detailed work with main panel depicting a pair of phoenix birds among tress and peonies and the back side with birds among trees and peonies. Four more smaller panels depicting flowers and birds. Bottom carries the seal of made in the year Qin Long.

Cats Eggshell Bowl

Eggshell bowl
Dimensions: 13.25 inches diameter

Peacock Hen Vase

Date: around 1970
Dimensions: 18 inches or 45.5 centimeters in height

A finely hand painted vase with two large panels, one depicting a peacock and hen among peonies and the other with a rooster and a hen with chicks among palm trees and peonies, both within a flowery border. On the neck are two smaller panels of birds and flowers. On each of the sides are two small panels of various flowers. Dog head handle on the shoulder of the vase.

Tiger Riding Lohan

Artist: Liu Ze Min
Origin: Shi Wan, China.
Dimensions: 15 inches long and 11.5 inches tall
Artist’s seal on the belly of tiger
Price: $1,000 USD

Liu Ze Min is a National Grand Master Artist of China in his field of ceramic sculptures and his pieces are highly sought after by collectors in Asia and among Chinese communities internationally. Very unique piece as this sculpture is not glazed. Details are clearly well defined.

Carved Horses Vase

Qing Dynasty period
Dimensions: 5 3/4 inches height x 3.5 inches diameter at widest point

Antique porcelain vase with two carved horses among trees and landscape. Two elephant head handles. With impressed seal mark.

Two Lions

Two Lions Stone Carving
Type of Stone: Balin, produced in Chifeng City of Inner Mongolia
Place of Manufacture: Fu Jian, China
Dimensions: 4 inches x 2.5 inches x 2.5 inches
New (Modern)
Comes with custom made stand and box

Bird Teapot

Artist: Hua Li Xin
Painted in 2012
Painting on Porcelain
Condition: Flawless
Signed by the artist
Comes with custom box

Hua Li Xin is from the city of Jing De Zhen in the province of Jiang Xi, China and is a master artist of the city. He specializes in birds and flowers. His style is easily recognizable with very precise lines and subtle colors.

Jing De Zhen is the porcelain capital of China. It’s history dates back as far as the Ming Dynasty or maybe even earlier. There are over 2000 artists and artisans in this small city involved in the process of porcelain manufacturing and decorating. The city practically eats, breathes, and sleeps porcelain. The products are sold all over the world costing from a few dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars.