Famille Rose Vase

Famille Rose Porcelain Vase
Dimensions: 13 inches tall by 9 inches at its widest point
Handpainted around 1980
Antique reproduction

Fine heavily detailed work with main panel depicting a pair of phoenix birds among tress and peonies and the back side with birds among trees and peonies. Four more smaller panels depicting flowers and birds. Bottom carries the seal of made in the year Qin Long.

Vase Masterpiece

Origin: Jing De Zhen, China
Painted around 1970
Dimensions: 23 inches or 58.5 centimeters in height

An insane piece of porcelain decoration by a masterful hand.

Peacock Hen Vase

Date: around 1970
Dimensions: 18 inches or 45.5 centimeters in height

A finely hand painted vase with two large panels, one depicting a peacock and hen among peonies and the other with a rooster and a hen with chicks among palm trees and peonies, both within a flowery border. On the neck are two smaller panels of birds and flowers. On each of the sides are two small panels of various flowers. Dog head handle on the shoulder of the vase.

5 Imperial Dragon Vase

5 Imperial Dragon Mei Ping Vase
Late 20th Century
Circa 1980
Dimensions: 19 inches in height

A very well all hand painted vase from Jing De Zhen, China depicting five dragons in various poses amid flowers and leaves on a sky blue background. Top and bottom are bordered with intricate patterns.

Brown Brush Pot

Qing Dynasty period
Dimensions: 5 inches height x 3 1/8 inches diameter

Porcelain brown tea colored brush pot with relief carving of peonies among leaves, rocks, and a butterfly. Impressed seal mark of Wang Bin Rung (Wong Bing Wing).

Three Roses

Water Color

Butterflies Vase

Painting on Porcelain

Red Vase

Painting on Porcelain

Birds and Flowers Wood Carving

Pair of Birds and Flowers Wood Carved Panel
Antique – Early 20th Century
All panels are of Chinese origin
Framed Dimensions: 13 inches x 13.25 inches

An interesting story to these two pieces. These two panels were headed for the garbage bin when the artist salvaged them upon noticing their wonderful workmanship. Took them home and with red and gold paint (original colors), he gave them a new life. Appropriately framed.