Chung Kwei

Artist: Liu Ze Min
Origin: Shi Wan, China
Dimensions: 16 inches tall
Artist’s seal at the bottom on the inside.

Chung Kwei in pomegranate glaze by National Grand Master artist Liu Ze Min. Chung Kwei is a god who wards off evil and catches the devil. This ceramic sculpture depicts him holding a fan with a bat perched on it. The bat is a symbol of prosperity for the Chinese. Thus he is bringing good fortune to the household.

Lu Zhi Shen

Artist: Pong Wen Jung
Ceramic sculpture

Chun Chee Wong

Artist: Pong Wen Jung
Origin: Shiwan, China
Ceramic sculpture

Sau Sing Kung Vase

Sau Sing Kung (God of Longevity)
Painting on Porcelain