Vase Masterpiece

Origin: Jing De Zhen, China
Painted around 1970
Dimensions: 23 inches or 58.5 centimeters in height

An insane piece of porcelain decoration by a masterful hand.

Mei Ping Five Dragon Vase

Dimensions: approximately 17 inches high

A very fine hand painted five dragon vase from Jing De Zhen, Jiang Xi Province, China. Very few of these are made because of the intense workmanship and fine attention to detail. A true collector’s item. From what information we have of this and other similar fine pieces come from a man and wife’s collective labour. See slim dragon vase with four green and one red dragon.

5 Imperial Dragon Vase

5 Imperial Dragon Mei Ping Vase
Late 20th Century
Circa 1980
Dimensions: 19 inches in height

A very well all hand painted vase from Jing De Zhen, China depicting five dragons in various poses amid flowers and leaves on a sky blue background. Top and bottom are bordered with intricate patterns.

Five Dragon Vase

Very fine all hand painted porcelain vase from Jing De Zhen, China
Dimensions: 20 inches tall

A highly precise, detailed and time consuming work. This piece comes from the studio of a husband and wife team. Very few pieces are made yearly due to the intense attention to detail.

Phoenix Japanese Cloisonne

Japanese silver wire Cloisonne Vase with Phoenix detail
Dimensions: 8 3/8 inches tall by 8 1/2 inches wide
Age: 2nd quarter of the 20th Century (1925-1950) approximately
No damages. Made in Japan mark at the the bottom. Handmade. Very fine work. The 2 hot (white) spots are from the photo lights.

3 Dragon Seal Stone Carving

Chinese 3 Dragon Seal Stone Carving
Type of Stone: Balin, produced in Chifeng City of Inner Mongolia
Place of Manufacture: Fu Jian, China
Dimensions: 3.75 inches x 3.75 inches x 6.25 inches
New (Modern)
Comes with custom made stand and box

The artist who carved this intricate 3 dragon seal would undoubtedly rank as one of the best in his field. Studying the piece closely, one will notice the finely rounded scales and the whiskers which flow so gracefully around the head and body of the dragons. The fire that wraps around the pearl is finely tapered and very realistic. Also notice how the bodies and tails are intertwined into and out of the clouds. A true challenge in design. A seal of this size, color, and meticulous workmanship is rare for this type of stone. A true work of art. Great addition for any serious art collector.

3 Dragons Stone Carving

Soap Stone Carving
Type of Stone: Balin, produced in Chifeng City of Inner Mongolia