Chung Kwei

Artist: Liu Ze Min
Origin: Shi Wan, China
Dimensions: 16 inches tall
Artist’s seal at the bottom on the inside.

Chung Kwei in pomegranate glaze by National Grand Master artist Liu Ze Min. Chung Kwei is a god who wards off evil and catches the devil. This ceramic sculpture depicts him holding a fan with a bat perched on it. The bat is a symbol of prosperity for the Chinese. Thus he is bringing good fortune to the household.

Su Dong Bo

Artist: Liao Hung Biao
Origin: Shi Wan, China
Dimensions: 13 inches tall by 11 inches wide
Artist’s seal at the back of sculpture

A very well designed piece in green crackled glaze by Grand Master artist Liao Hung Biao. The subject is the famous poet, writer, painter, calligrapher, pharmacologist and statesman Su Dong Bo of the Song Dynasty. He is depicted here admiring an inkstone. DongBo was famous for writing poems about the lychee fruit which he’s very fond of.

Tiger Riding Lohan

Artist: Liu Ze Min
Origin: Shi Wan, China.
Dimensions: 15 inches long and 11.5 inches tall
Artist’s seal on the belly of tiger
Price: $1,000 USD

Liu Ze Min is a National Grand Master Artist of China in his field of ceramic sculptures and his pieces are highly sought after by collectors in Asia and among Chinese communities internationally. Very unique piece as this sculpture is not glazed. Details are clearly well defined.

Shi Wan Figurine

Artist: Liu Ze Min
Origin: Shi Wan, China
Dimensions: 10 inches height

Shi Wan ceramic figurine of Dong Fang Sock by Master Liu Ze Min of China in pomegranate glaze. Impressed with artist’s seal and Lion factory seal marks.