Peacock Hen Vase

Date: around 1970
Dimensions: 18 inches or 45.5 centimeters in height

A finely hand painted vase with two large panels, one depicting a peacock and hen among peonies and the other with a rooster and a hen with chicks among palm trees and peonies, both within a flowery border. On the neck are two smaller panels of birds and flowers. On each of the sides are two small panels of various flowers. Dog head handle on the shoulder of the vase.

Carved Horses Vase

Qing Dynasty period
Dimensions: 5 3/4 inches height x 3.5 inches diameter at widest point

Antique porcelain vase with two carved horses among trees and landscape. Two elephant head handles. With impressed seal mark.

Ladies Satsuma Vase

Painting on Porcelain
Satsuma – Japanese pottery