Artist: Xiao Tong Jung
Painted in 2005
Painting on Porcelain
Unframed dimensions: 20 inches x 13 inches
Condition: Flawless
Comes with custom box and a certificate of authenticity

Xiao Tong Jung is a famous artist from Jing De Zhen, China, specializing in painting animals. He is a master in rendering fur; practically every hair is meticulously painted taking into account the clusters of hair, their lengths, and direction of growth.
His works are extremely sought after by collectors all over Asia and in his native China.

The definition of painting on porcelain means the surface where the image sits on is porcelain and the paints are also ceramic based. They all have to be fired. The finished product is resistant to most kinds of solvents and scratching. Damages to the piece would come from dropping or scratching it with a very hard material. It is a very time enduring medium and lasts for hundreds of years without much change.